We-PICK $4.50/LB

Stop by the farm to purchase fresh, hand-picked berries at $4.50/lb. Please call ahead to order, it ensure berries will be available for you on your desired day. Call (971) 241-6541.

U-PICK $3.50/lb

Classic pick-your-own option! The price per lb. is $3.50/lb. You're welcome to use our buckets, or bring your own containers. Be sure to weigh your container or bucket first and deduct that weight from your total. Please leave your payment in the drop box below the scale. 


We welcome you to "pick on shares", which means you split whatever you pick with us. An equal share option. Say you pick two buckets of berries, you leave us one and you take yours! No money exchanges hands. This method is great if you have the time to pick!